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        1. We're a proud supporter of career & technical education.

          Career & Technical Education

          Our solutions are designed to strengthen and sustain today’s CTE programs and to foster collaboration between education, business, and community stakeholders to drive both student success and economic development.

          Career Readiness Workshop CTE makes students career-ready.

          Helping Students Understand the Value of CTE

          "People forget that jobs in the skilled trades are vital in our community, state, country山东体彩11选5走势图, and world."

          How a parent can support a child's career development
          A Student's Perspective on Internships

          Internships and Career Readiness

          Internships can do so much more than boost a student's employability skills. 

          "It just makes sense that businesses would want to get involved."

          Career development leads to economic development.

          See how the .

          Onslow County CTE Program Ready, Set, CTE

          Helping Students Make Choices

          North Carolina's Onslow County Schools has a student-centered approach to CTE that includes a career planning system powered by Kuder.

          Career Program EvaluationKuder® Career Program Evaluation™

          Comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative Survey and Analysis

          Measure the effectiveness of your CTE, college and career readiness, or career development program. 

          “Economic success has long been tied to the cultivation of human capital. Companies like Kuder are absolutely critical when it comes to strengthening the talent pipeline.”

          Jay Byers, Chief Executive Officer

          The Greater Des Moines Partnership

          Kuder: A friend of CTE

          CTE Encourages Students to Dream Big, Plan Accordingly

          Kuder Chairman & CEO Phil Harrington discusses the importance of planning for the future and CTE's role in preparing students for success.


          "CTE opens students’ minds and hearts to new experiences."

          Advance CTE often describes Career Technical Education (CTE) as an educational option that provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for college and careers. We believe that CTE gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge within a selected career focus. And, CTE opens students’ minds and hearts to new experiences by exposing them to a variety of careers, starting in middle school, if not earlier.

          But, for CTE to reach its full promise, we must stay focused on ensuring each student has access to and the opportunities to succeed in high-quality, well-designed CTE programs of study that cover a depth of technical, academic and 21st century skills.

          While students may benefit from taking a CTE course or two, as this white paper demonstrates, the true impact can be found when students complete a rigorous, intentional sequence of courses that are aligned across high school and postsecondary, validated by industry, and anchored in a credential of value. It is through these experiences and pathways that students can truly be prepared for careers, college and in the 21st century.

          21st Century Skills

          CTE Engagement & Student Interests

          Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills to Achieve Career Fulfillment

          White Paper By Ryan McGrew

          This white paper examines research on the positive impact of student engagement in Career and Technical Education (CTE). It also explores how we can maximize those benefits for students by ensuring they consider their own career interests while mapping the trajectory of their CTE pathways and while developing 21st century skills.


          CTE Engagement & Student Interests

          21st Century Skills at a Glance

          Defining the Core Competencies Students Need to Succeed in Today's World

          Downloadable Infographic

          21st century skills are the core competencies such as Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Communication that  students need to thrive in today's world. Some expanded definitions include: Leadership, Social-Emotional Intelligence, Conscientiousness, Global/Intercultural Fluency, Professionalism/Productivity, Career Management, and Technical Application.